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28 Day Sexy Spring Slim Down!
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MIKE OVER Fitness Trainer Known All Over The World! 
Helping all the Mom's out there who
are looking to get into shape without the intimidation and expense of a gym
Lose Weight & Not Lose What You Love To Do?
You Have Never Experienced Anything Like This!!! 
For less than $.25 a day, you can join my program and a tribe of women who want to change their lives one workout at a time!

What can you expect from this 28-Day program?
Within 28-Days, we’ll help you get into the best shape of your life — and stay that way for good.

Join In from Home with The Revolutionary Fat Burning Workouts
All workouts can be done either at the gym OR right from home! 

These sessions are scientifically proven to help you burn more fat & tone your body faster. PLUS they will leave you feeling energized each time you are done. 

Oh...There's both In-Gym & At-Home Options for each and every workout! 
Follow My Simple & Customizable Fat Burning Meal Plans
Who says healthy eating has to be tasteless or boring?

You will know you exactly WHEN & HOW TO EAT with a plan that fits your lifestyle. 

Our simple, tasty and fun nutrition program has been recognized all over the country and is exactly what you have been looking for. 
Lose Weight & Never Find It Again!  
All your results will be shown right to you! 

There's no denying it!

You will get the results you want not only during this challenge but long AFTER the challenge is over! 
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So What Makes This Program So Different?
  •  No Gyms
  •  No Expensive Equipment
  •  No Bullshit Supplements
  •  No Ineffective Diets that last 3 weeks only to regain PLUS some afterwards
  •  No Boring Cardio

  No Gyms

Learn how to easily drop your body fat fast  

The days of "eating this not that" & counting calories are over! 
Learn how to eat healthy in a way that allows you to enjoy it and never count a single calorie! 

Avoid the boredom and frustration  

These workouts are unlike anything you've ever done before! Short, sweet, and fit for ALL LEVELS of fitness! 

Escape the stress and anxiety with the way you look and feel. 

Take back control of your life and tap into your confidence! 
APPLY HERE(Spaces Limited to 20 spots!)
What are the requirements to apply?
  •  Women looking to drop & tone
  •  A Set Of Dumbbells
  • Able to use social media
  •  Ability to take BEFORE and after photos
  •  DETERMINATION to adhere 100% to my program
Hi, My Name is  Mike Over !

Many of you know me from Over-Achieve Fitness, where I work and train with thousands of Franklin County residents looking to drop weight FAST with our unconventional style of training

We work with everyday gym users, high school, college, and even some pro athletes as we tackle obesity AND performance in the area!

I am now featured on Playbook and now have the luxury of educating and training my followers from around the globe!

I currently write for STACK Magazine, Men’s Health, and have two local columns for my residents to read.

In fact, some of you may have spouses or friends that give you a “toxic” relationship when it comes to your health or wellness….always throwing processed food in your face or telling you that you “don’t need the gym.”

With nearly 68% of our country obese and it RISING…

I’ve decided to take action…

I am launching my FIRST 28 day Spring Sexy Slim down for all the moms out there who are looking to get into shape without the intimidation and expense of a gym membership!

I'm now here to give this program to the first 20 lucky women who sign up. 

Is that you?

Join The Hundreds of Hard Working Guys & Girls Just Like You! 
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Now if you are actually reading this part of the page I am going to assume that you are a busy person and you are looking for that change in your life. 


It's no secret that every we tend to put our careers, kids and so many other things before fitness. 

I get it. 

Then every once in a while if you find the "free time" you decide to do something for yourself and get a "workout" in right? 

The workouts never happen and over time your energy and confidence diminished. Sound like you?

Do you put others before you often?

I totally understand this and respect this, but I feel that it's now time that you took it to a whole new level and did something for YOU. 

You will join me and all the others as I take your body to a new level with HD Video workout descriptions and demos, full nutrition plans, and a private support group to get in touch with me for any needs!

  • Meal Plans
  • Workouts 
  •  Social Support & Accountability
  • Grocery Lists and Dining Out Guides 
  •  Supplement Guides
Take a look at some of our amazing success stories and transformations from those women who trained with me!
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Now I know, you still might be a little skeptical... 
I know I would be if I were you.
You are probably wondering if this will actually work for you and you are probably a little nervous or scared to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Well, you are not alone.

Everybody I've worked with in the past experiences this when they get started... 

But what's different about our program is that I am truly here for you. 

With such a small group of participants, I'm really able to give you guys the time you deserve. 

That's why I'm only allowing 20 lucky people to experience this challenge! 
APPLY HERE(Spaces Limited to 20 spots!)
Here's What You'll Get....
**Unlimited Access to 28-Days of my best At-Home AND In-Gym Workouts. ($140 value) 

**Complete 28-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan ($200 value)

**Instructional Videos for each meal ($100 value)  

**1 on 1 Goal Setting Meeting ($95 value) 

**You Don't Need A Gym Membership! 

**Facebook Accountability Group ($200 value) 

Bonus Items! 

**Healthy Fast Food Guide ($200 value) 

Total Value = $1,160

Your Price = $7.00
All of that for $.25/day?????!!!!
APPLY HERE(Spaces Limited to 20 spots!)
OK OK.... So How Much Does This Challenge Cost? 
The time is now! Stop delaying and start tackling your ONE MONTH transformation! 

I normally charge $75 an hour to train my clients….

So the fact that if accepted, you can train for less that $.25 a day is SURREAL!

So don’t wait another second, and let me take your body to a new level in 2019!

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